We believe in Quality By Design.

Xi'an Miracle Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. has established a complete quality management system, delivered by the two executive organs QA and QC.
QC with professional analysts is responsible for the supervision of the quality of the products and research, and also responsible for performing inspection analysis, method verification and stability test for registered items all over the world.
Independent QA is focused on establishing strict and sound quality management system, to ensure all of process of manufacture are finished in accordance with GMP.
Until now , some  major products of Miracle have met cGMP from the first certification in December 2009. Meanwhile, some of our products have applied FDA and European COS certificates.

EHS Policy

"...A combination of prior knowledge and experimental assessment..."
We know...
We want to know...
We learned ...
We control ...
We understand, agree & approve...
We expect a state of control.
We believe environmental protection, product quality and occupational health is our responsibility to the society and the world we live. EHS Department as an integral part of Miracle’s management system is vital to sustainable development of our company, economy, pollution prevention and social responsibility.

EHS Department ensures every process of manufacture, store, transport are monitored, and strives to preventing or minimizing the impact on environment through appropriate design, manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal practices.

Every employee will be arranged to take physical examination in the public hospital each season. Employees and visitors in production area are required to wear proper preventive equipment such as safety helmet, rubber gloves, goggles and face mask.

EHS Department often detects facilities to ensure no harm to every members in our factory, and trains employees to work safely.


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