Researchers working in our R&D centers have years of experience in chemical synthesis and developing new process for valuable APIs and intermediates. We are especially good at these reactions : friedel crafts reaction, Grignard reaction, halogenating reaction, oxidizing reaction, cyclization, acylation, condensation reaction, nitration, sulfonation reaction, catalytic hydrogenation reduction and chemical reduction,and have the capacity of equipment: -78°C~+150°C(temp.); 0kg~150 kg(pressure).

Our R & D Center is supported with analysis research center that are fully equipped with advanced analytical instruments such as infrared chromatography, gas chromatography, HPLC, metrohm Moisture device and centrifuge,etc . And the R & D Center are also well equipped with synthesis pilot plant, 1-20L rotary steamers, electrothermal constant-temperature dry box, -40℃-0℃ low temperature reaction kettle, 1-20L high pressure reaction kettle and 1-20L double-layer glass reaction kettle, etc.
R&D Capacity

● Cooperating with: Jiangnan University, China Pharmaceutical University, Northwestern Industry University, etc.
● Miracle is also able to provide OEM and contract manufacturing service as per customers' requirements.


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