Chitosan /Carboxymethyl Chitosan /Chitosan Oligosaccharide
CAS_1: 9012-76-4 /83512-85-0
Specification: >95% ; MW :20,000 ~ 300,000 /Food / Medical /Industry

GMP, SGS Certified With Purity Guarantee.

-1, Product Name: Chitosan /Carboxymethyl Chitosan /Chitosan Oligosaccharide
-2, Specification & Standard: 

Chitosan: (Deacetylation Degree >95%)  Food ,Medical ,Industry Grade ,Water Soluble / High Density / Customized Molecular Weight

Chitosan Oligosaccharide : No Less Than 70% ,mixture of oligosaccharides with different degrees of polymerization and low molecular weight.

Molecular weight is about 161 times of the degree of polymerization.

Physicochemical property: easily absorbing moisture, water solution with PH≤12

-3, Description: Light yellow powder / White or Off-white powder powder
-4, CAS # : 9012-76-4 /83512-85-0
Applications of Chitosan: 
Widely used in the following fields: Textile, dyeing, leather, dope, tobacco, plastic, cosmetic, food, feed, medication, health food, color film, bioengineering, agriculture, sewage treatment. 
The density of high-density chitosan (≥0.8g/ml) is twice or three times as high as comm on chitosan. The oil-absorbing ability is over three times of common at the same volume. One capsule is enough to dissolve and absorb fat, cholesterin and chloride ion effected by hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, which will be directly exreted to the outside of the body to reach the aim of losing weight, reducing blood fat and decreasing blood pressure.
Chitosan is produced commercially by deacetylation of chitin, which is the structural element in the exoskeleton of crustaceans (crabs, shrimp, etc. ).
The degree of deacetylation (%DD) can be determined by NMR spectroscopy, and the %DD in commercial chitosans is in the range 60-100 %.
Cosmetic chitosan has good moisture absorption, moisture, regulate, antibacterial, etc

Apply to cream, shower dew, cleanser, moss, high-grade cream, lotion, gel cosmetics

1, cosmetic chitosan Cosmetic

chitosan has good moisture absorption, moisture, regulate, antibacterial, and other functions; Apply to cream, shower dew, cleanser, moss, high-grade cream, lotion, gel cosmetics, etc.; Effectively makes up the defect of the general chitosan.

2, special chitosan flocculant

Chitosan and its derivatives are good flocculation, clarify the role. Beverage as clarifying agent, can make the suspension flocculation rapidly, natural precipitation, to improve the yield of the concentrate, In traditional Chinese medicine extract, macromolecular protein, tannin and pectin, can be easily removed with chitosan solution, refining the high purity of traditional Chinese medicine effective ingredients; Using chitosan adsorption, has good effect in water purification.

3, agriculture, feed, chitosan for bait

Chitosan is a natural plant nutrition growth agent - foliar fertilizer raw material, made of chitosan compound with foliar fertilizer, can give insecticidal plant, disease resistance, have the effect of fertilizer, and can break down the animal and plant residues in soil and trace metal elements, thus into plant nutrients, enhance immunity plants, and promote the health of the plant; Shrimp shell, crab shell contains rich protein, trace elements, animals eat after absorption, have good nutritional value.

 4, UTA special chitosan (adsorbent)

UTA dedicated chitosan is passes through the special craft processing series of products; It can be effectively adsorbed protein, 40% higher than ordinary chitosan adsorption.

5, tobacco special chitosan (smoke)

Mixing the product with tobacco, and adhesion on surface of cut tobacco, can enhance the tensile strength, water resistance, corrosion resistance, broken degree of processing is not easy to broken, suitable for modern high-speed cigarette-rolling machines; The tobacco additive can make the combustion performance of YanZhi significantly enhanced, have the effect that reduce tobacco tar and nicotine content, relieve YanZhi mixed gas, reduce harmful substances in the smoke, sucked flavour is improved, aroma is revealed; Also can effectively inhibit tobacco leaf mildew, prolong the time to save the tobacco.

Carboxymethyl Chitosan is the higher ramification of chitosan, which have 100% water solubility, film forming ability, heavy metal chelation. It has been applied in advanced cosmetics, heavy metal chelating agent, drug sustained release agent, plant growth regulator agent , wastewater treatment, etc.

Chitosan Hydrochloride Usage:

1. Preparation dressing for hurt burn hemostatic effect is capitally.

2. Made heath products by capsule it is convenient to eat can dissolve and absorb adequately play the health care function of Chitosan.

3. Chitosan Hydrochloride is used for absorptionpromoter of hydrophhilic medicine and natural-nutrition cosmetics.

4. Chitosan Hydrochloride keeps the natune of Chitosan. It holds excellent perfomance in film forming and bacterial inhibition it's used in additive and preservation for fruits and vegetables.

5. Having strong cation used in sewage disposal the subsiding and retrieving of the protein in food factory and to paper-making can improve the utilization ratio of paper pulp and intensity of paper product.
Chitosan Oligosaccharide Usage :
It's the name of one of the Chitosan oligosaccharide products produced by our company. We adopted home-brew Chitosan oligosaccharide enzyme to prepare all kinds of high-quality Chitosan oligosaccharide products which have specific distribution range of polymerization degree and low dispersity according to customers' requirements by strict control of the conditions of enzymatic reaction and combination of membrane separation technique. It's the only active natural product with positive charge in natural world, which is produced by linking the β-1,4  glucosidic bond of glucosamine.

This product has the advantages of low molecular weight, good water solubility, effective, easy to be absorbed by human body, high biological activity, as well as pure natural, no radiation, no pollution, no additives features.


Medical and health-care: drugs and health-care products for supportive treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, weight loss.

Dairy products: as the activation factors of intestinal probiotics (such as bifidobacterium) to promote the absorption of calcium and mineral substance.

Condiments: as natural preservative products to replace sodium benzoate and other chemical preservatives.
Drinks: applied in functional drinks for losing weight, maintaining beauty, immune regulation.
Fruits and vegetables: used in coating preservation since the retia has permeability, water resistance, and antimicrobial preservative efficacy.

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