Natural Pearl Pigment Powder|Color Mica Pigment Powder|Mica Pearl Pigment Powder
Specification: 100% Natural
Active_ingredients: Many Trace Elements, 18 Amino Acids, Protein, etc
ISO9001: 2000, SGS Approval. 100% Pure Natural with a Nice Color.
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Product Name : Natural Pearl Pigment Powder|Color Mica Pigment Powder|Mica Pearl Pigment Powder
Source & Used Part: Natural Pearl more than 10 years old.
Color: White, Green, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Orange, Violet or customized.
Description : Natural Pearl Powder Containing calcium carbonate 91.72%, 5.94%, 2.23% organic water. The other lead, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, sodium, zinc, silica, titanium, strontium and other trace elements. And containing 17 kinds of amino acids.
Cosmetic mica pigment for soap making are popular in soap making because most do not bleed or morph, Micas are fun and easy to work with because their color ranges go way beyond the rainbow and mixing colors creates even more unique and beautiful shades and brilliant color effects. Our cosmetic mica pigment for soap making is non-toxic.
Function of Natural Pearl Powder: Used in food, cosmetic, coating, painting, etc additives area.
1, bright eye effect
2, sedation
3, hemostatic effect
4, anti-stress effect
5, antioxidant, anti-aging effect, reduce the brain lipofuscin content.
6, antitumor effect
7, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects and promote wound healing effect
8, the influence of the immune function
9, enhancement of man sex role: Increased significantly wrapping gland, semen capsule, the prostate weight, increase the weight of the testis
10, of cardiac function influence: Improve cardiac contraction force.
Application of Cosmetic Mica Pearl Pigment Powder :
For  PLASTICS: It can be used for transparent and semi-transparent plastic resin, bringing an amazing visual effect to plastic products. 
For  PAINT: Due to its good dispersibility, stable physical and chemical properties, and impressive pearl shine and metallic effect, pearl pigment can be widely used in automobile, motorcycle, buliding materials and daily products, etc.
For PRINTING INK: Pearl pigment has amazing metallic luster and stable chemical property. We can see it in packing paper, magazines, posters, textiles, and so on.
For COSMETICS: Pearl pigment is non-toxic and pollution-free. Certificates can also be provided to prove that it doesn't contain any heavy metals.
Product name Natural cosmetic grade mica pearl pigment powder
Color Fine Gold Satin, Fine Red Satin, Fine Blue Satin, Fine Violet Satin, Fine Green Stain
Size 5-25μm, 10-48μm, 10-60μm, 10-100μm 
Feature heat-resistance, acid & alkali resistance, non-toxic, non-conductive, non-magnetic, environmental friendly


  Plant Extract
  Nutraceuticals Supplement
  Vitamins/Amino Acids
  Pharmaceutic Adjuvant
  Weight Loss
  Fruit Juice Powder
  Herbal Blend
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